tutmak fine indonesian coffee espresso

About Tutmak

Tutmak was founded in 1995 and we have been sourcing and roasting our own Indonesian coffee from all over the archipelago ever since.  Originally established as a warung kopi (a local coffee house) we soon started baking fresh home made pastries to accompany our amazing coffee.

By 2005 we were a full service restaurant sourcing all of our produce locally and cooking up our very own tasty, home-style foods with a Balinese flare.

We have been preparing our delicacies from locally produced ingredients since before that was fashionable. We did this for the simple reason that it was the freshest, healthiest option available back then … and it still is today.

Tutmak is definitely one of the best places in Ubud to sit down and focus. Food and drinks are excellent (wheat-grass shot, apple/carrot/beet juice to name a few), the WiFi is fast and very reliable. There are tables in the lounge upstairs away from most of the other patrons. It also seems not a lot of people know about the place, and you can have the entire upstairs area to yourself most of the time, making it perfect place to be productive.

Tutmak Warung Kopi … the original and still the leader in Healthy, Family-style Dining in Ubud